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Fancy Colors Round Mirror Cut Diamonds

$ 295.00 USD / Per Carat

Product: Fancy Colors Round Mirror Cut Diamonds

Price: $295/carat

Size: 0.02-0.10 carat/Piece



These are Natural Fancy Colors Round Mirror Cut Diamonds. Size is 0.02-0.10 carat per piece, Price is $295/carat. We accept custom orders too for size, color-shade and shape. These diamonds are perfect for any kind of diamond jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces etc.

(What is Diamond? – One of the first things most people learn about diamonds is that not all mined diamonds are created equal. In fact, every diamond is unique. Diamonds come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and with various internal characteristics. Colored diamonds contain interstitial impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration; pure diamonds are perfectly transparent and colorless. Diamonds are scientifically classed into two main types and several subtypes, according to the nature of impurities present and how these impurities affect light absorption)


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