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Yellowish White Crystal Rough Diamonds

$ 475.00 USD / Per Carat

Product: Yellowish White Crystal Rough Diamonds
Price: $475/carat
Size: up to 25-cents/Piece
Necklace Size: as required



These are Yellowish White Crystal Rough Diamonds. Size is up to 25-cents per piece, Price is $475/carat. They are real rough diamonds by nature, We accept custom orders for sizes, color-shades and possible natural shapes too. These diamonds are perfect for any kind of diamond jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces etc.

(What is Rough Diamonds? Rough diamonds are mined diamonds in their natural state, before any processing or polishing has occurred. All rough diamonds have “birthmarks” or “imperfections”, that were created during the long natural formation process. These birthmarks may be located inside the diamond, where they are known as “inclusions”, or on the outer surface of the rough diamond, called flaws. There are many different types of inclusions and flaws.)


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